Ottawa residents are enjoying an early taste of summer, with the warmest May 11 in Ottawa in more than 100 years.

"To be just sitting in the sand in a bathing suit today is amazing," said Charlotte Juane while at Petrie Island beach.

"We're out here and we love the hotter the better," said Francoise Webb.

The temperature hit 27 C at the Ottawa Airport at 3 p.m., breaking the record for warmest May 11 ever recorded at the Ottawa Airport. The previous record was 26.8 C in 2001. (Environment Canada's records were first recorded at the Ottawa Airport in 1938).

According to the Twitter account YOW_Weather, it's hottest May 11 since 1911. An old weather station recorded a temperature of 30.6 C.

Felix Mongeon is busier than ever installing and starting up air conditioners.

"Incredibly busy and it's just the start," said Mongeon, a service tech with Anchor Home Comfort. "Now that it's actually warming up this week we are actually getting more and more calls coming in and it's going to be more hectic as soon as the humidity hits."

The temperature is spiking and so are costs on almost everything.

"New equipment, parts are becoming more and more expensive and as well not available. We can't get them, it takes weeks or even months to get certain parts for equipment," said Mongeon.

With nicer weather comes more time on the patio—and higher prices there too.

"The menus have all been updated and reflecting higher prices for sure," said Charity Kenny. "For our family we only have so much that we can spend eating out so it will make us go less often."

It's the first of day of three possible days with record-breaking temperatures, as a ridge of high pressure settles over Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

Environment Canada is calling for a high of 31 C on Thursday, which would break the record for warmest May 12 in Ottawa history. The current record is 27.6 C set back in 1992.

The heat wave will continue on Friday with sunshine and a high of 31 C. If the forecast high is reached, it will break another record – Ottawa’s warmest May 13 on record was in 1985 at 28.2 C.   

The average temperatures for this time of year are a high of 19 C and a low of 7 C.