Hot water and natural gas have been restored to tenants living in a west-end townhouse complex after their landlord failed to pay the utility bills. 

Brent Richardson was able to run hot water in his kitchen Saturday for the first time in weeks. 

"It takes a little while to heat up," Richardson said. 

Richardson and his neighbours on Majestic Drive, a complex owned and operated by Golden Dragon Ho Properties, have been without natural gas and hot water since the end of May. The landlord is allegedly more than $300,000 in arrears, which will be covered by RBC.

"I took a shower right away. We could finally do our dishes in hot water instead of boiling water," Richardson said. 

Richardson and his wife have lived in the complex for 19 years. They said they never had any problems under the old management. Although the ordeal made them talk about moving, the couple has decided to stay and wait it out. 

"We are going to see what happens," said Barbara Richardson, Brent's wife. "We now have to decide whether we should break the grandfather clause and start paying for our own utilities." 

Most of the affected residents have their utilities included in their monthly rent. That's why it came as such a surprise when Enbridge came to cut the gas to hundreds of residents. 

"It's been terrible; stressful," said Jessica Wilson.

Local MPP Lisa MacLeod has been going door-to-door for weeks, helping people understand their rights as tenants. She also took up the cause and helped get the natural gas restored. 

"You are looking at seniors on a fixed income, young families just starting out and students," she said. "If you are looking for people who have protection in the law it's them." 

MacLeod said anyone who wants information about how to file a greivance against the landlord, either through the Landlord and Tenant Board or through the city, is asked to contact her office. 

As for rumours and notices on some doors that hydro will be cut off, MacLeod said she will not let that happen.