Attendees at a Wednesday night Israeli rally said they hope the ceasefire between their country and Hamas will hold.

Among the hundreds of people at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre were the Kaiman family, who said they’re proud of but anxious about their son Tobin in the Israeli military.

“He had felt very strongly watching the other soldiers protect the people of Israel and the tourists and felt that it was his turn,” said Janet Kaiman.

“I was praying a lot, I was hoping a lot . . . I was very edgy.”

“Just stay safe and I'll be a happy father,” said Steven Kaiman. “I've got a few more grey hairs since he left – it’s been a long week.”

The meeting came a few hours after Israel and Gaza agreed to a ceasefire, ending eight days of rocket attacks between the two sides.

“I hope this ceasefire lasts and I pray for everybody,” said Janet. “I hope everybody stays safe and sound.”

At least 140 Palestinians and five Israelis were killed during that conflict, with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird issuing a statement that the Canadian government is “cautiously optimistic” it will hold.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Claudia Cautillo