Ottawa police have one person in custody and charges are pending after officers found a homemade bomb in a vehicle during a routine traffic stop in the Glebe.

Police say the traffic stop happened at about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at Third Avenue and Chrysler Street, near Bronson.

Police say there is no reason to believe terrorism was involved and there was never a risk of the device being detonated.

The driver's demeanor prompted police to search the car. In the trunk, police found a homemade bomb in bits and pieces, ready to be put together.

"This was very good work on the officers' part in terms of assessing and determining a risk that was mitigated by their actions," said Insp. Mike Maloney.

The explosive device was taken away by police and detonated at a police compound at the Almonte Pit. The car was also seized and is in a secure location.

There is no word on how powerful the homemade bomb was. Police are now looking into why the driver was in possession of the device and what the explosives were intended for.

The male driver of the vehicle was arrested and is being questioned by police. A male passenger was let go.

Some who live in the area were woken up by police Tuesday night as the bomb squad worked to isolate the explosives.

Others were notified when police knocked on their doors, saying they were working on a case in the neighbourhood, but residents were not in danger. The neighbourhood was not evacuated.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr