ARNPRIOR -- Having his own place to call home has been a work in progress for Guy Lamarche for months now.

Lamarche has been building a shelter - or as he calls it, a bunkie - for himself on a piece of land near Carp since the fall.

It’s the size of a large shed and has a roof, chimney, windows, siding, wood stove, and futon bed, with many more additions planned.

The owners of the land at the time agreed to let him build there.

But the property that Lamarche has been building his bunkie on has been sold, and the new owners have asked him to leave by the end of February.

"Now there is a new owner in place who doesn’t have me on as a registered tenant," says Lamarche. "So I’ve been requested to leave the premises by the end of the month."

With any move, the first thing to do is find a new place to live. Thankfully Lamarche’s followers on his Facebook page "Arnprior - On The Streets" helped him with the search.

"I’ve been offered two or three places that are pretty sure," he says. "One is on a 50-acre farm nearby in Galetta. I’ve also been offered a place in behind a property in McNab-Braeside just bordering Arnprior. All the people reached out, out of the kindness of their hearts by looking at my Facebook page and posts."

But the difficulty is finding a way to move the shed-sized bunkie.

"The bunkie would have to be taken off its footings, and somehow winched or lifted onto a flat bed and brought to Arnprior from here," says Lamarche.

Before constructing and moving into the bunkie, Lamarche lived out of his van and at a picnic table near the Giant Tiger in Arnprior. He says if he can’t find a place and a way to move his bunkie by the end of the month, his back up plan is to move back to his old picnic table.

"Yeah I am a little worried and I’m a little bit overwhelmed. There’s an awful lot of attention."

Lamarche says he’s received thousands of messages from his posts online, and after coming this far he isn’t giving up hope yet.

"I’m very optimistic that this is going to turn out in the end. And I believe that if it’s his will, it will happen."