A family near Cobden has lost their home after being slammed by severe weather this weekend.

Environment Canada has determined that a microburst touched down there on Saturday.

Cobden is located about 120 kilometers west of Ottawa.

A microburst flipped a mobile home on top of the family car and scattered the family’s belongings.

The owner of the property, Jim Quinn, says the wind picked-up suddenly around 3:15 Saturday afternoon. He ran for cover in a nearby barn.

"I was scared but the barns were fairly solid,” says Quinn. “It’s lucky we all got inside and weren't out in the open somewhere.”

A few kilometers away a barn was flattened at the Burwell Beef Farm. A piece of the barn landed on the nearby home causing part of the roof to collapse.

Residents say that a tornado came through the same area in 2006.

On Sunday, Environment Canada investigated the damage and determined that this time, it was caused by a microburst.

No injuries have been reported.