With only a few days to go until the Ottawa Senators hit the ice for their first NHL playoff game against the New York Rangers, hockey fever has swept the capital.

Mayor Jim Watson drove a zamboni along Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa while dozens of Sens fans paraded behind him.

"A great crowd, the sun is shining and the Senators are going to win it in six," predicted Watson.

Elgin Street is known as Sens Mile and hundreds of fans are expected to flood into the streets bars to watch the playoff series.

"We want to see businesses decorate their storefronts, get their employees to wear red, really get behind the team because it really does help from a psychological point of view of cheering on the team," Watson said.

Few believed the Sens would make it to the playoffs after a bumpy regular season which was referred to as a "rebuilding year."

At least one fan, though, always believed.

"I looked at my wife and said you know the hockey gods have a way with fate so we're buying seasons [tickets,]" said Ric Loveless.

Loveless is known as the Sensquatch for the all-red costume he wears to Sens games.

The Sens will face-off against the Rangers Thursday in New York City.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua