OTTAWA -- An 11-year-old Ottawa boy pursuing a career hosting a podcast booked an extra special star guest this week. 

Zander Zatylny got to speak to late night show host Jimmy Kimmel on Friday for his "Z Podcasts." 

"I got a microphone as a late birthday present, and me and my dad were like, 'Imagine if we start interviewing people' and I just started interviewing people," says Zatylny. 

Zatylny says shares a special bond with the host of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Zatylny was born with a rare heart disease that has required treatment since birth.

“I had my first open heart surgery when I was 22 months old," says Zatylny. 

Kimmel has been open about his 3-year-old son Billy’s congenital heart condition.

"I was excited, my school is really excited. It was just an honour, and his son Billy has a heart condition so I could relate," said Zatylyn.

Zander Zatylny

Zatylny says the two chatted about the amazing care both their families received during their journeys.

"CHEO has been amazing to me," he says. 

Zatylny is also selling hoodies and t-shirts in support of CHEO.

"It is the least I can do for CHEO because they have been so good to me."

To listen to the "Z Podcasts," or to make a donation to CHEO, you can visit Zatylny’s website