Ottawa Police are investigating multiple thefts of high-end vehicles across the city. On Sunday, four locked vehicles including three Lexus SUV's and a Range Rover were stolen in Old Ottawa East. That included the car of well-known Ottawa realtor, Marnie Bennett.

"You feel really violated. It's really concerning about your family." says Bennett of Bennett Property Shop Realty . Bennett says Police believe her vehicle was likely driven to Montreal and possibly loaded onto a shipping container and sent overseas. Ottawa Police confirmed to CTV Ottawa that they're investigating multiple thefts of high-end SUV's in different areas of the city. Back in December, three men were arrested and charged with 141 counts of stealing $750,000 worth of vehicles here in Ottawa.

Experts say thieves are accessing newer models by stealing the frequency of key fobs.

Ottawa auto shop owner, Albert Saikaley of DirRienzo & Saikaley Automotive says it's easy. He says thieves scout out neighbourhoods and steal the frequencies of key fobs used to open and start cars.

"People are walking down sidewalks or driving down your street...see your high-end the button on the transponder...picks up the signal from your fob. Your fob has a number in it...just like your credit card. Once they have the number, they go to your car, push the button and they enter. Then they push it again and start and they are gone." says Saikaley

There are ways to protect yourself. The big one, don't leave your keys laying around the house or hanging at the front door. The key fob comes in a pouch, called a faraday bag or shield, that is your security. It blocks frequencies from being accessed. Ottawa Police also recommend you use your garage whenever possible, even in the Summer. Police also suggest parking a second car behind the higher-end model so thieves cannot steal it. One more thing, check for any possible damage to the driver side lock, that could be an indication it's been tampered with.