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High cost of living might limit road trips for many Canadians this summer

Inflation and the high cost of living is putting the brakes on summer road trips for some drivers, but it won't change everyone's plans.

Lucie Pellerin takes many road trips every summer and this year is no different.

"I probably will do a little one," she said.

But the higher costs of living might cut down that trip this summer.

"It probably shortens our trips. Maybe when the economy is better, you'd go for two or three weeks, maybe now you'll go for three or four days or two or three days. It does change," said Pellerin.

According to a Leger survey conducted for the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, 66 per cent of drivers say financial pressures will likely force them to cancel or limit road trips this summer. Among drivers aged 18 to 34, that number jumps to 73 per cent and 72 per cent for motorists aged 35-54.

There are still ways to save if you're looking to hit the road this summer. Director of Communications and PR for CAA North and East Ontario, Julie Beun, says it's important to make sure your vehicle is ready for those long-distance trips.

"Have your car tires properly inflated. You're actually going to slow down and use more petrol if they're not properly inflated, and that goes for EVs too. Make sure that your car's running properly. A month before, go in and get it checked, get the oil change, make sure fluids are all up to date because that, again, is going to impact the performance of your vehicle," said Beun.

Most drivers say the number one issue for them potentially avoiding a summer road trip is the cost of gas.

"You have to go somewhere. You can’t just stay home and be miserable. I feel guilty that we did it at all because we did burn up a lot of gas. It's bad enough to go to the cottage," said Carol Jackson, a motorist.

"Gas is expensive. That's why I'm filling up a little bit for now and then fill up Costco later. I drive a lot for work, so I would rather just fly," said Kathleen Vo.

Pellerin, meanwhile, says she's looking forward to getting out on the open road this summer, even if it is shorter than usual.

"That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to maybe reduce my time but maybe not. We'll see," she said. Top Stories

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