Jan Allers only wanted $20 in gas. She was shocked to see two $150 hold charges on her credit card statement.

"I felt like it was an invasion, like they were stealing from my credit card. I didn't even make those purchases," says Allers.

It's called a pre-set authorization, commonly used by credit card companies for purchases like restaurants, hotels, rental cars and pay-at-the-pump purchases.

A hold of up to $150 is placed on the credit card and withdrawn when the actual transaction clears. While credit card companies don't count this as a direct charge is deducted from the cardholder's available credit.

Allers says people should only be charged for what they are purchasing. She says it took 10 days for the charges to be withdrawn and worries the practice could push people past their credit limits.

'Pay with cash. Nobody wants to carry cash anymore because it's not convenient but that's what it's going to go back to," she says.

MacEwen Petroleum Inc. says it has nothing to do with the pay-at-the-pump charges but often get calls from confused customers.