LIMOGES, ONT. -- If you’ve wanted to try fat-biking, there’s a place to rent one that has about 20 kilometres of groomed trails through a forest.

The multi-use trails at Larose Forest in Prescott-Russell, just southeast of Ottawa, include areas to cross-country ski, dog sled, snowshoe, walk; and ride your fat bike.

"Fabulous, it was on my bucket list of things to do this year," says Gerry Thompson who was trying it for the first time in a small group of active, mostly retirees.

"It was actually easier than I thought it would be. They look like they would be so hard to peddle, but they’re not - they scoot along quite nicely," Thompson told CTV News Ottawa.

A fat-bike is essentially a mountain bike with large tires, that lets you go on snow-packed trails,

"The up and down, the gliding around the corners; somebody said it’s like riding on a cloud, and it’s a little bit like that," says Barbara Eade, who also tried it for the first time.


If you’ve wanted to try out fat-biking, you can rent one from the Mana Centre, located within a Welcome Centre at Larose Forest.

"The Welcome Centre at Larose Forest opened up - which, allowed us to rent a space for the bike shop, where we rent and repair bikes; and, we also do some outdoor and sports therapy as well, for groups of all ages," says Emmanuelle Larocque, co-owner of the Mana Centre.

Together, with her husband, ‘J.S.’ Laroque, they pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic, from working with large groups like schools and organizations; with a variety of 25 bikes available to rent.

"We can help you find the proper bike for you, and people can kind of go off on their own," Emmanuelle says. "But, we also offer guided tours; we have some team-building activities going on in the forest as well."

A two-hour rental costs $40 for adults and $30 for youth. They’re open Thursday - Sunday, and you can reserve online.