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Here's how to get your kids active, busy in Ottawa


It's the start of the summer and with it comes that time of the year when kids not only get bored, but also when parents start looking for ways to keep them away from the screens, according to an Ottawa mother and business owner.

Lara Wellman started a website called Kids in the Capital when her kids were little, as she was trying to find ways to get them of out the house, she told CTV Morning Live Tuesday. The website is a platform for parents in the capital to share ideas about activities and parenting advice.

Wellman says getting your kids interested is a different game.

"You're trying to figure out what will they want to do," she said. 

There are a lot of activities available in the capital that not only get the kids engaged, but also offer the opportunity to have fun and quality time with the family, she said.

The activities include, kayaking, visiting an escape or virtual room, picking flowers at a farm, playing archery games and getting a ride in an airplane at the aviation museum.

Wellman suggests that parents come up with the idea first, then discussit without being too pushy. 

“Hey! What do you think of this idea?” Wellman said. 

Wellman adds that having multiple kids might require coming up with multiple ideas, as not all of them might want to do the same activity.

"And that's okay too," she added.

"Once your kids are a little older, there are a lot of things that they can do. And they have fun doing it." Top Stories

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