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Here's a look at the highest paid public sector employees in Ottawa in 2021

Ottawa City Hall. (File photo) Ottawa City Hall. (File photo)

Ottawa's city manager, former police chief and top doctor headline the list of highest paid public servants at Ottawa City Hall and Ottawa Police headquarters in 2021.

The Ontario government released the so-called sunshine list for 2021 Friday afternoon, which shows the compensation for all public sector employees who were paid $100,000 or more last year.

The city of Ottawa says 4,741 municipal employees are on the list for 2021, a decrease of 117 from 2020.  The list includes 1,436 Ottawa Police Service employees, 814  firefighters and 307 paramedics.

In a memo to council, Human Resources Director Elizabeth Marland says 32 per cent of city employees on the sunshine list, excluding Ottawa Police Service and Ottawa Public Library employees, have a base salary of less than $100,000.

City Manager Steve Kanellakos is the highest paid municipal employee, with a salary of $370,714 in 2021.

Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly, who resigned in February, earned $341,827 last year.

Medical officer of health Dr. Vera Etches earned $326,602 in 2021.

Two associate medical officers of health are also in the top 10 highest paid employees at City Halll: Dr. Robin Taylor earned $276,489, while associate medical officer of health Monir Taha earned $276,488. Deputy medical officer of health Dr. Brent Moloughney earned $271,355 last year. Associate medical officer of health Dr. Trevor Arnason earned $250,044.

The highest paid employees at Ottawa City Hall in 2021 includes former transportation services general manager John Manconi at $267,300 and retired general manager of emergency and protective services Anthony Di Monte, who earned $261,479.

Ottawa Community Housing president Stephane Giguere earned $321,980, while Invest Ottawa president Michael Tremblay earned $328,707.

Mayor Jim Watson earned $188,996 in 2021.  Each councillor who served the full year earned $105,638.


The sunshine list includes more than 150 OC Transpo bus drivers and light rail operators.

There are 149 OC Transpo bus operators that earned more than $100,000 last year, with three drivers earning more than $140,000.

Nine diesel and electric rail operators earned more than $100,000.


Three of the five highest paid employees at Ottawa Police headquarters in 2021 are no longer with the force.

Ottawa police Deputy Chief Steve Bell was the second highest paid officer, earning $265,093 last year.

Former Ottawa police deputy chief Uday Jaswal earned $244,469 while suspended in 2021. Jaswal resigned from the service last month.

Retired officer Patrick Flanaghan earned $234,814 in 2021.


The president of the Ottawa Hospital was Ottawa's highest paid civil servant in 2021. Cameron Love earned $623,517 in 2021.  Ottawa Hospital vice-president Duncan Stewart earned $522,501.

Highest paid civil servants at Ottawa's hospitals and post-secondary institutions

  • University of Ottawa faculty of medicine dean Bernard Jasmin - $439,349
  • University of Ottawa Heart Institute president Thierry Mesana - $432,250
  • Montfort Hospital president Dr. Bernard Leduc - $434,515
  • University of Ottawa president Jacques Fremont - $399,66
  • Ottawa Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Virginia Roth - $396,002
  • Royal Ottawa president Joanne Bezzubetz $376,873
  • CHEO/Newborn Screening Ontario Executive Director Pranesh Chakraborty - $369,618
  • CHEO President Alex Munter - $329,999
  • Carleton University president Benoit-Antoine Bacon $376,486
  • Queensway Carleton Hospital president Andrew Falconer - $362,879
  • Algonquin College president Claude Brule - $339,278 Top Stories

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