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Here are the groom's must dos before saying 'I do'


The temperatures are warming up and it's that time of the year when the wedding season begins.

Paul Cretes owner of Warren Chase Urban Retreat for Men (WCURM) told CTV Morning Live grooms should start preparing six months ahead of the big day. Here is why:

"I think for weddings, it's been really well established for the brides how far ahead they need to start, but I think for the grooms it's always been a sort of when do I need to start doing things? What do I need to get done?" Cretes said.

He says WCURM has prepared a list to help the grooms out there start getting ready, noting that the rules and the guidelines mentioned in the list have to be followed six months ahead.

Cretes notes that grooms who have concerns about their skin, such as scarring or redness, should be looking at getting a facial. He says the earlier they get it done, the better.

"So, you don’t do that the day before," Cretes said.

"If you have skin conditions like acne, any of the treatments that we’re gonna be recommending, they need time to work."

Sitting with a stylist and discussing what suits you and makes you look the most attractive on your big day is another thing you should check from the list, he says. Cretes adds that for your wedding you should have already figured out the haircut that suits you best.

"So, by a month and a half before, now you found your stylist, you should be doing your trial haircut," he said. "What you're looking for is something really classic … try a couple of things out."

Classic haircuts are timeless, he notes, adding that when time passes by and you revisit your wedding pictures, you don't want to look outdated.

He recommends reducing the gray hair – if you have any. To do so, he suggests getting a trial haircut colour, also ahead of time.

"(Gray blending is when) we use a semi-permanent hair colour, so we put a little bit of pepper, back into the salt and if you don’t like it, what happens is that it gets washed out by your wedding day. So, you’re good to go," he said.

The week before the wedding is when you get that perfect haircut, your last facial session to calm your skin down and any touch-ups on colours, Cretes adds.

On the big day and when all the attention and resources are allocated to the bride, he says, you should make sure you have clean hands and combed hair. He notes that you can comb your hair in front of the mirror yourself, while using a hair spray to make sure it stays in place. Top Stories

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