OTTAWA -- Born with pneumothorax, explained as a collapsed lung, Logan Hussein spent his first days inside a specialized incubator at CHEO.

Since then, his family has been fundraising as a way to say thank you to the doctors and nurses who helped their son. Each year, the family aims to fundraise the same amount of money as Logan’s age.

On Nov. 26, Logan will be 12-years-old. However, his fundraising goal has expanded.

"I’m raising money for the incubators because without them so many kids wouldn’t be here, and I’m one of them," Logan said.

With a $25,000 donation from Peter Nicholson of the WCPD Foundation, Logan has already surpassed his goal for this birthday. Now, he is pushing to reach $200,000 to purchase a neonatal transport incubator for CHEO.

With Nicholson’s donation and years of fundraising, the family has raised more than $70,000 of the $200,000 goal, as of Nov. 11.

Logan is hosting a virtual birthday party on Nov. 26, where he is hoping to raise funds for his cause.

He is also promising lots of fun!

"We’re going to have a magician, a balloon artist, were going to have a little hockey workout," he said.

For more information, you can visit Logan’s website.