Helene Campbell says her work pushing for organ donor registration isn’t ending with her return to Ottawa, a fact that organ recipients said they’re grateful for.

Campbell returned home to Barrhaven on Monday after six months in Toronto, half of that waiting for a double-lung transplant and the other half recovering from her April surgery.

The 21-year-old returned home with a vow to keep working towards the cause that made her famous, getting tweets with Justin Bieber and two appearances on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

“It doesn’t end here,” she said at a news conference Tuesday. “I will always think it's great that organ donation has been brought awareness, not Helene Campbell.”

During her campaign to find organs for herself and others, online registration at beadonor.ca jumped from 300 to 3,000.

It’s work that has organ recipients glad she won’t be taking much time off.

“That just amazes me, how willing and honest she was to tell other people her story,” said 14-year-old Leaha Baird, who received a new kidney. “It really was inspiring.”

“Nobody could fault her for stopping now and for living her own life,” said Craig Dunbar, who has been on the kidney wait list twice after his first didn’t take.

“But for her to continue to push the way she is . . . It's just phenomenal to see that continue.”

The federal government was also on hand at the news conference, announcing $10 million to fund a national transplant research program.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s John Hua