OTTAWA -- Despite how tough these times have been for Ottawa’s restaurants, owners and chefs are ensuring kids in need are fed through the Ottawa School Breakfast Program.

And there is a delicious way for you to help, too. 

A new cookbook is about to be released. In it, some of the best recipes from your favourite eateries, all benefiting the Ottawa Network for Education.

Food Specialist, and regular contributor to CTV News at Noon, Korey Kealey, lauds the idea.

“This cookbook is the perfect community giveback project. With people in their homes needing inspiration, they receive these fabulous recipes that highlight the resilient restaurant community while donating money to nourish students who may otherwise be hungry.”

Kealey explains the need for these programs is greater than ever. “This year, food insecurity is an even bigger issue than usual, and serving school meals while following all pandemic protocols is costly.”

She says the School Breakfast Program helps families make ends meet, and helps kids start the day on equal footing with their peers.

In the book, Kealey shares her famous family recipe for Apple Pudding with Rum Sauce.

Apple Pudding with Rum Sauce

Other recipes featured in "Breakfast in Ottawa: ONFE’s Community Cookbook":

Art-Is-In Bakery: Empress Raspberry Scones

Art-is-In Empress Raspberry Scones

Luxe Bistro’s Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

Luxe has agreed to donate $1 from the sale of this French toast moving forward to the ONFE school breakfast program

LUXE French Toast

Zak’s Diner Breakfast Burrito

Zak's Diner Breakfast Burrito

DISH catering/Parlour Corn Chowder

DISH Catering Parlour Corn Chowder

RAW Pulp & Grind: Green Energy Smoothie

RAW Pulp and Grind Green Energy Smoothie

The Breakfast Program was founded on the principle that a nutritious breakfast is the launch pad for a full day of focused learning. That in order to succeed in school, developing brains and growing bodies need energy.

“Even when schools were closed due to lockdown, meals were delivered to the children who needed them. More than 700,000 breakfast replacement kits between March and August of this year.” explains Kealey.

“The breakfast program has had to adapt due to COVID-19. The serve-and-go models now used are three times more costly than regular operations.” says Kealey.

More about “Breakfast in Ottawa: ONFE’s Community Cookbook”:

  • A nutritious breakfast is the launch-pad for a full The Cookbook features recipes from 26 well-known Ottawa chefs, as well as recipes from ONFE’s School Breakfast Program supporters.
  • For a donation of $25, you will receive the electronic version of the cookbook as well as a tax receipt for your donation.
  • Printed editions of Breakfast in Ottawa are available to pre-order for $40. Included in that price is shipping, and the option for ONFE to send the cookbook directly to a gift recipient. Printed cookbooks will be mailed in time for the holidays, so this makes a great gift supporting a great cause!
  • The Ottawa Network for Education runs the School Breakfast Program across the city of Ottawa in all four school boards. Every day, they serve 13,500 nutritious meals to kids who show up to school hungry, to allow all K-12 students to be able to start the day on equal footing with their peers. The School Breakfast Program serves 2.5 million meals every year.

You can find out more about the cookbook here.