It was an emotional reunion Len Pidgeon had waited months for.

The Alexandria man survived a heart attack, did his own detective work to track down the Ottawa Police officers who helped save his life and on Friday he was able to thank them in person.

“It made my day to meet them and it was nice to know they kind of felt the same way, it was a big deal for them too,” Pidgeon said.

It was back in March when Pidgeon had a heart attack while he was walking to the Canadian Tire Centre to see an Ottawa Senators game with his daughter.

Ottawa Police Constables Phil Kane, Matthew Cook and Leo Benvenuti were minutes away and sprang into action.

Const. Cook took over CPR from a bystander who had started chest compressions, Const. Kane used the defibrillator from his cruiser and Const. Benvenuti gathered information from Pidgeon’s daughter and kept her calm during the ordeal.

Pidgeon said he’s feeling better than ever and has plans to run a 5 km race this weekend.