Following several days of commuter delays related to Ottawa’s light rail transit system there is one image that has captured the internet’s attention.

Confused LRT guy

On Wednesday, this image of a man looking confused amid the chaos at Tunney’s Pasture Station is making its rounds online after it appeared on CTV News Ottawa at six. 

The man, according to family members is overwhelmed by his new-found celebrity but his faith in the public transit system has not waned.

"Has a perfectly good working vehicle but loves public transit," his image was captured amid the confusion during the city's morning rush which was Ottawa's third day of LRT service without parallel bus service in the downtown core. A technical malfunction with the door was cited as the cause of the delays; which lasted for nearly an hour before full service was restored. "Even though he looked very confused on that day, he still got back on and loves it," said the man's family member.