Ottawa police say the suspect responsible for a vicious hammer attack in Centretown Tuesday night is off the streets.

Police identified the man through tips they received. The suspect is known to police and is secure. More information is expected to be released tonight.

Police allege the suspect approached a man who he did not know, and attacked him with the hammer. The victim suffered severe head injuries and remains in hospital.

The suspect was also seen carrying a bag with a knife.

Witnesses who live in the building described a horrifying scene Tuesday night.

" I came home to blood all on the side, police tape, a bunch of blood inside, outside, it was pretty gross," said Celine Onat, who lives in an apartment building on Somerset St. just west of Bank street. The attack happened near the building's front entrance.

"Somebody just walks up to somebody and just starts beating them with a hammer right where you live, of course, it put me on edge quite a bit," Onat said.

The victim, she says, lives in her building, and would often say hello to her in passing. She describes him as friendly and quiet, "a super nice guy."