Accused killer Gurpreet Ronald took the stand in her own defence today. Her lawyers said she will explain to the jury how she found Jagtar gill that day in her house and how that impacted her actions.

It's the testimony the jury has been waiting for.

An explanation from what the Crown believes is the master mind behind Jagtar's murder. Her lawyers maintain she was just the mistress who knew she would be blamed.

In the seven weeks of testimony, the dozens of witnesses and all the DNA evidence, the case against Gurpreet Ronald has piled up. The Crown's contention is that Ronald and Gill conspired to kill Jagtar Gill to be together.

But Gurpeet Ronald's lawyers maintain this isn't a case about two people who would do anything to be together. It’s about a woman who stands before the court, a mistress to a man whose wife was murdered.

"She knew she was the mistress and genuinely believed the finger would be pointed at her," said Jessica Abou-Eid, Ronald's co-counsel, “and here we are.”

Ronald's lawyers explained to the jury, before calling Gurpreet Ronald, how their case would unfold.

"Ronald will tell you,” they said, "how she walked in and found Jagtar Gill in that home, how her blood got on the carpet."

How her blood ended up in that piece of latex glove, why she took the knife and the glove and then ultimately pitched them along an NCC trail.

Why she called Gill in a panic, not once but twice.

Then even went to Sobeys to find him, saying "Do you know what's going on in your House?"

On the stand this afternoon, Gurpreet Ronald talked about her life in Ottawa, her 3 month courtship to Jason Ronald, her Prince Charming" she called him. Clearly that description would change, as the two fought then parted ways. Her testimony,her description of that day continues tomorrow.

Her lawyers left the jury with this note:  that in light of what they will hear, to what end and for what benefit would Gurpreet Ronald kill Jagtar Gill?