After several days of unsuccessful searching for Jessica Lloyd, police called off the ground search for her Monday and said they would concentrate on investigating the evidence left in her home.

The 27-year-old disappeared from her Belleville apartment on Jan. 28, last contacting a friend by text message late that night. Her disappearance is considered out of character, and her family remains hopeful that she will be found.

Police scoured the Highway 37 and Harmony Road area on the weekend, expanding their search by helicopter on Sunday. They said they will now follow up on the tips submitted by members of the public.

Because her purse and ID was left in her apartment, her friends and family believe she was taken against her will. Several Facebook groups are set up in support of her, with one attracting more than 33,000 members.

Lloyd is described as 125 pounds, five feet five inches tall. She has dark brown shoulder-length hair, green eyes and a large, intricate 'L' tattoo across her lower back.

Police say she may have been wearing a sweater, a vest and brown suede boots when she disappeared. They ask anyone with information to contact Belleville police at 613-966-0882 ext 2313.