A man killed while helping to remove a vehicle from a ditch pushed a friend out of harm’s way seconds before the collision, the family said Tuesday.

Ontario Provincial Police confirmed 53-year-old Shawn Cryderman, of Cornwall, died Monday after he was struck on County Rd. 18, South of Stormont, around 5:30p.m.

Police said three men were helping to remove a female driver’s vehicle out of a ditch, when a 19-year-old male driver lost control of his vehicle and struck Cryderman, who was pronounced dead on scene.

His best friend’s daughter, Ashley Collins, said he saved her father’s life.

“He pushed my dad out of the way, who was with him in the ditch, and the car just hit Shawn, from there apparently it was really fast, and he didn’t feel anything,” Collins said.  

 Cryderman’s best friend is in hospital with injuries to his hip.

A third samaritan, a 32-year-old from North Dundas Township, was in hospital in critical condition.

Police are telling pedestrians not to get involved with collisions, instead, to call a tow-truck operator or other emergency officials.

“We know you want to help somebody in distress, but secondly, you’ve got to think of safety. Think of other people coming along the scene, ourselves as emergency – we have the equipment,” said Sgt. Joel Doiron.

But Cryderman’s family said helping was just part of his kindhearted nature.

Now, they want to raise money to help pay for the funeral he deserves.

“I want to raise money for his tombstone and to put his to rest and to have a nice ceremony, with nice flowers… to dedicate to him that he was a hero, and he did his best,” said his cousin, Shawna Collins-Campeau.

You can find his gofundme page here.