City crews are starting to remove those gigantic snowbanks after that massive snow dump a couple of days ago.

But some residents are still waiting for their streets to be plowed and wondering why they've been left out "in the cold."  The Ottawa area got a record snowfall on Wednesday for January 23rd with 25 centimetres.  Add to that, freezing rain and fluctuating temperatures and it has made for a massive mess, both for drivers and pedestrians.

If you can't get by it, go around it.  That's Ron Hanzelka's motto today as he motors in his wheelchair on the road in the Byward market.

“I try to stay on the sidewalk,” he says, “It is too dangerous on the road but sometimes you can't get on the curbs because the snow too hard because of freezing rain.”

It has been a challenge for folks getting around in many parts of Ottawa as workers make their way through the city, clearing and collecting those 25 centimetres of snow.

“This is typical this time of year,” says Nancy Dolan, who lives in the Glebe along Third Avenue, “and the city doesn't usually get on top of the snow removal until Winterlude.”

Third Avenue is a two-way street but it’s hard to tell that today.  With cars parked along one side and more coming both ways, it makes for complete pandemonium, according to one resident.

“Nobody can get through. Had a fire truck tried to come from Fifth onto our street, he wouldn’t' have gotten through.”

“It’s very bad,” says a man driving a delivery truck, “I’m getting stuck everywhere.”

In fact Robin Dorrell ditched his shovel last night and started directing traffic.

“Two of them were behaving like complete idiots,” he says, “The third driver was a woman and she was driving well.  She led the way for the rest of them,” he chuckles.

The councilor for the area, Shawn Menard, says he is well aware of the concerns.

“We have been getting non-stop calls from across the ward about the current state of snow removal in our neighborhoods,” he said in an email, “I recognize that this has been an unprecedented snowfall for January and that staff are working overtime to get this mess cleaned up. The fact of the matter is that snow clearing operations in the City have not been given the resources they need. This is a significant, health, safety, and accessibility issue. We want residents to know that we hear you, and that we will work to make sure that the political leadership at City Hall does, too.”

The city says its crews are fully deployed clearing transit lanes, bus stops and pedestrian crossings and they'll be out throughout the weekend as well.

“The recent extreme winter events were further complicated by freezing rain and major temperature fluctuations. We are working our way through the clean up as quickly as possible,” said Luc Gagné, Director of Roads and Parking Services with the City of Ottawa.

In the meantime, Nancy Dolan's street may remain a winter Wonderland a little while longer and Ro n Hanzelka may have to continue to motor on the roads sometimes but he’s willing to cut the city workers a little slack.

“They’re doing best they can,” he says, “Every year people complain but they're doing the best they can.”

Ottawa could be on track to beat the record for the snowiest January ever recorded.  That was in 1874 when we got 115 centimetres.  We've got 30 more to go to beat that and yes, there is more snow in the forecast.