Bhupinderpal Gill's lawyer pinned the murder of Jagtar Gill on Gurpreet Ronald today. James Harbic suggested it wasn't a scene out of the movie “Psycho” that Ronald was replaying, but a scene from “Fatal Attraction.”

It was a question of time, really, before one of the accused turned on the other in this case.

Today, it was Gill's lawyer who went on the attack, suggesting Ronald planned the whole thing in the hopes she could persuade Gill to be with her.

That famous weightlifting bar featured prominently once again, this time in James Harbic's version of what went on inside the Gill house the day of the murder.

In court today, Harbic told Gurpreet Ronald that, "in a fit of rage you beat Jagtar with the bar numerous times, then repeatedly stabbed Jagtar with a knife,” until she hit a bone and that, he suggests, is how she cut her finger.

Harbic then said “Remember how your husband Jason described how you held a knife like a scene out of the movie Psycho?  To which Gurpreet Ronald shot back, “Are you suggesting with my right hand because I cut my left hand and I'm right-handed.”

Harbic kept at her, suggesting this wasn't like a scene out of "Psycho" but more like the movie “Fatal Attraction.”

Earlier in the day, her lawyer, Michael Smith, had Ronald clarify several comments she made in a police interview the day after the murder. Why she breaks down twice in the interview, but still doesn't tell the police officer what she saw in Jagtar's house that day.

"Even if I had said that she wouldn't have believed me,” she testified, “I was afraid I was the one who would be pointed to because I was there.”

Why she appears to cover her cut hand throughout the entire two-hour, twenty minute interview.

Michael Smith asks her, “The impression was that you were trying to hide your hand.”

Ronald replies, “I was trying to hide my hand because I didn't want her to know I had cut myself because then the questions would come “how did you cut yourself?" 

Smith then asked Ronald why she and Gill met so many times after the murder. Ronald explains it's because she had questions for him, wanted to know what he was doing that day and where he was.

“The way he explained his day,” she told court, “I got the impression he could not have been home, could not have done this.”

Ronald admitted to an affair starting in 2012 with another man, also an OC Transpo bus operator, and that her sexual relationship with Gill was short-lived but that they remained friends. Then she was asked about her two daughters who she hasn't seen since the day she was arrested more than two years ago.

"We were close. I miss them every day, every minute," she said, as she cried.

This murder case has run longer than expected, now in its eighth week. There are still closing arguments, instructions to the jury before the jury even begins its deliberations.