OTTAWA -- Many people across the city of Ottawa made use of the perfect snow to build a snowman over the weekend, and some of them are huge.

If you were looking for a big snowman, look no further than Queen Elizabeth Drive between the Bank Street and Bronson Street bridges.

According to one of its creators, Kent Woodhall, the massive snowman stands about 14 feet tall, which made physical distancing a breeze when Woodhall and his neighbours created the massive figure.

"It really gives us a sense of community. It's really important we're able to help each other out when we need it," says Woodhall, a retired frontline health care worker who has been volunteering with vaccinations.

Snowman has two faces; a mask on one side, mask less on the other and it's dedicated to Ottawa's health care workers.

The question is, is the Snowman done? Woodhall says they can make it a little higher if there is someone out there who wants to compete. 

Saturday's sticky snowfall was perfect for sculpting and many across the city took advantage to build a special creation of their own.

On Holt Crescent, there was another big snowman. Neighbours say the homeowner started shovelling his entire lawn to build the 10 foot snowman,

Around the corner, a snow-elephant luge.  

Creator Shana Anderson says from head to trunk it's about 30 feet long. Not a snowman, but she along with her neighbour Fletcher think it's more fun because you get to use it as a slide.

To find a giant snowman in Ottawa, it is a little like playing Where's Waldo? There's a lot of them everywhere, but the one on Toulouse Crescent in Orleans is likely the winner.

His name is Waldo, he's 20 feet tall and has been visiting the street every year for the last ten. Neighbour say that this is the biggest it has been.

Waldo draws a lot of attention; many families stop by to snap a picture and children who walk up to it are in all of its massive size.

If you think you have a snowman that's bigger, or can compete with these, send us a photo to