An all-white "ghost" bike has been placed in Ottawa's east end to remember a cyclist killed at the intersection last week.

A 43-year-old woman died after she was struck by a municipal snow grader at the intersection of North River Road and Donald Street last Thursday.

Coun. Rawlson King and members of Ottawa's cycling community placed the white bicycle at the intersection on Sunday.

"Every time we don't make an investment in safety, this is potentially the cost we're going to pay," Ottawa Bike president Erinn Cunningham said.

"We know that there's massive budgets for building roads and infrastructure like that, but we're not putting the safe infrastructure so that everyone – pedestrians, people on bikes, people taking transit – can use to get to where they need to safely."

Bike Ottawa and elected officials have called on the city to invest in safer cycling infrastructure around the city, including at the intersection of North River Road and Donald Street. The area is popular for cyclists linking to the Adawe Crossing over the Rideau River.

Ottawa police and the city of Ottawa are investigating the fatal collision at the intersection.