OTTAWA -- About an hour east of Ottawa is one of the biggest corn mazes you will find in eastern Ontario.

This year, seven acres of corn at Ouimet Farms Adventure in Vankleek Hill, Ont. has been carved into a celebration of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. If you walked the full length of all the passages you would travel five kilometers.

Owner Andre Ouimet has been doing this for almost a decade. The farm has been in his family for over a century and to keep it running, Ouimet changed his focus from cows and milk to families and fun.

“We went from farming to golf, back to farming, and doing corn mazes. It’s now a place for people to come and enjoy their weekends,” Ouimet said. “People come and they always leave with a smile, they will come with the family and forget their problems.”

Along with the corn maze, which can be finished in three different ways, there is a canteen selling ice cream, a pedal car race track, a rock climbing wall, duck races and a giant jumping pillow. The facility is wheelchair friendly with wide trails through the maze and large grounds for picnicking.

“Stay small, I think that is what you want to be. If you get too big the crowds get too big and people don’t enjoy themselves anymore.” Ouimet said. “When people leave with a smile that’s our greatest reward.”

Ouimet Farms Adventure attracts visitors from Toronto to Montreal and is open every weekend until late October.