All that’s left is a roof rack sticking out of the ice.

A vehicle plunged through the ice of McLaurin Bay in Gatineau, early Wednesday evening. Gatineau police say the driver of the vehicle was able to escape without injuries.

McLaurin Bay is a popular spot for ice fishing in the area. Claude Poitras says regular fishermen know how to look out for danger.

“There are a lot of places where the ice doesn't get thick enough. There's always a current. People just don't know that I guess,” says Poitras.

Still, Gatineau Police as asking people not to take the risk.

“Sometimes the ice is very thin so not to go on there with a vehicle for sure. Make sure if you go fishing be careful,” says Const. Pierre Lanthier.

Police say with the thin ice conditions it may be too unsafe to retrieve the vehicle. The next step will be to wait until the thaw of spring.

Thin ice is also a concern for the Rideau Canal Skateway. Crews have been working since December 29 to open the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. Still the ice is too thin to allow heavy equipment on the surface.

“Right now we have light equipment and staff out on the skateway, but certainly watching for larger equipment on the skateway is one of the signs we're getting close to the skating season,” says Kathryn Keyes of the National Capital Commission.

The canal needs 10 to 14 days of cold weather overnight to open. NCC staff are hoping mother nature will allow for an opening as early as next week.

For daily updates on Rideau Canal skating conditions call (613) 239-5234 or check the NCC website.

 With a report from CTV’s John Hua.