Water levels have risen slightly along the Gatineau River, but officials say they are stabilizing and there is "no cause for concern" about possible flooding this weekend.

The city of Gatineau remains in "monitoring mode" as officials keep an eye on water levels along the Gatineau River through the city.  Earlier this week, the city warned of possible flooding along the Gatineau River like the flooding seen back in 2019.

"The water levels projected by the experts will be reached sometime today, and are stabilizing. Shoreline residents are encouraged to keep their sandbag dikes in place until further notice," the city said in a media release early Sunday afternoon. "There is no cause for concern regarding the rising waters. Gatineau's position remains the same, in 'monitoring' mode."

Water levels are expected to start falling along the Gatineau River early next week.

Residents living along the Gatineau River shoreline are encouraged to keep their sandbag dikes in place, and monitor the city of Gatineau's website and social media channels for any updates.

"Once Gatineau announces that (sandbag dikes) can be dismantled, people can leave their sandbags curbside for the two collections that have been arranged," the city said. Gatineau plans to collect sandbags on June 2 and June 9. After June 9, it will be up to residents to bring their sandbags to the disposal site, the location of which has yet to be determined.

The Ottawa River Regulating Planning Board said on Thursday that water levels on the Ottawa River will increase slightly over the week, but that "levels are expected to remain well below flood levels in all locations along the main stem of the Ottawa River, including between Ottawa/Gatineau."