Gatineau Police are planning a news conference this afternoon to provide more information about the events on Friday.

So far, Police say two men, a 38-year-old French citizen living in Canada and 49-year-old Robert Charron of Denholm, Que. were shot and killed at the scene.

Investigators continue to probe the shooting, which took place in Gatineau, Que., just north of Ottawa, on Friday morning.

Dozens of toddlers wrapped in blankets and coats had been rushed out of the Racines De Vie daycare around 10:30 a.m. Friday after a man carrying a shotgun entered the residential daycare and began threatening staff.

When police arrived, they found the gunman dead, along with one of the daycare’s male staff members.

The daycare is located in two homes at 225 and 229 Rue Gamelin, but operates as one business.

Police also stressed Saturday there is no indication that the double fatality was the result of a “love triangle.” Previous reports have suggested the incident was sparked by some sort of marital dispute.

All 53 children, most under the age of five, who attended the daycare were safely evacuated and were unharmed during the incident. It's believed some of the children witnessed the shooting.

One of the investigators, Sgt. Jean Paul Lemay, says some of the children may have witnessed the violence.

He advises parents to check with their children if everything is "going normally" and if there are changes, to seek counselling.

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