OTTAWA -- A Gatineau police officer shot and killed a dog while responding to a call for an argument at a home in Gatineau.

Officers were called to a home on Rue Saint-Rosarie around 10 p.m. Tuesday for an argument involving two people.  When police were invited inside the home by one of the individuals, they noticed a dog acting in an aggressive manner.

Police say after a first attempt to attack one of the officers, the dog was confined to a room inside the home while the investigation continued.   While officers were speaking with a man, who had recent injuries to his hands, he moved to a room adjacent to where the dog was confined.

Shortly after, police say the dog rushed towards the officer and tried to bite him on the hand. The officer was able to push the dog away and put a physical barrier between him and the animal.

Police say the dog again lunged at the officer and bit him on the forearm. After the officer was able to shake off the dog's grip, police said the animal lunged at him again.

"Wounded and fearing for his physical safety, the policeman drew his service weapon and fired in the direction of the aggressive animal," police said in a statement.

The dog suffered fatal injuries.

The officer was treated in hospital for multiple dog bites. Police say the owner of the dog was arrested for obstructing the work of the officers.

Gatineau police have launched an administrative investigation into the shooting, which is a normal procedure when an officer uses their service weapon.