Gatineau Police are crediting a girl with preventing the possible abduction of her younger sister.

It happened early last month at a pharmacy on Vanier Road in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau. A 64-year-old man has been arrested in the case. Police say the man already had the two-year-old by the hand and was leading her outside the door when her older sister intervened. 

The girl was inside the Jean Coutu in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau  with her older sister the morning of November 5.  The 64-year-old man was also inside, police say, buying something to attract the little girl.  It worked.

‘Once (he was done the transaction),’ says Sergeant, Jean-Paul Le May with Gatineau Police, ‘he took 2-year-old's hand and proceeded to get out of the store in question.’

That's when the older sister intervened and police believe her actions prevented an abduction.

‘She went to her little sister and took her other hand and brought her back inside store and immediately notified employees of the store what had happened.’

Police won't say how old the sister was but old enough, they say, to have responsibility for the two year old. 

64-year-old Marinko Marijancevic of Aylmer has been charged with attempted abduction.  He was released on bail last week under strict conditions, including staying away from parks, schools and children under 16. Gatineau police aren't aware of any similar cases involving attempted abductions but say this case will form part of their analysis and part of their investigation.

Parents in the family-oriented area are rattled by the news. 

‘It’s scary,’ says one mother, pushing a baby stroller, ‘especially with a little one now.’

Ashley Pasch was getting her daughter out of her vehicle at the Jean Coutu, ‘I wouldn’t even know how to prepare my child for that (discussion about abduction) to be honest.’

Police say parents should use this as an opportunity to teach their children, especially about tricks predators may use to lure them.  The Missing Children’s Network lists the top ten most common lures used by child predators, including asking children to help them, giving them a gift, or using their name to gain their trust.

Stephane Beauchamp, a father of 3 children, including  a two-year-old, says he has discussed this with his children.

‘Just the importance of always keeping an eye on mom and dad and being around your sister and brother,’ he says, ‘because I’ve got two young girls and they're always looking out for their younger brother.  I encourage them to always to keep eye out for each other.’

A little two-year-old girl only knows that too well.

Police say helping her sister wasn't the ONLY thing this girl did right.  She also went to someone in authority for help --- that's how police got involved -- and an arrest was made.