OTTAWA -- A driver is facing $978 in fines and a three-day licence suspension after being stopped twice in a 15 minute span for using a cellphone while driving in Gatineau.

In a tweet, Gatineau Police said, "15 minutes .. This is the time it took for a driver in Gatineau to spend $978, earn 10 demerit points and have your driver's licence suspended for three days."

Police say at 8:52 a.m. Wednesday, police stopped a driver at the intersection of boul. des Allumettieres and rue Demontigny for using a hand-held device while driving. The driver received a $498 ticket and five demerit points.

At 9:07 a.m., police say the same individual was stopped with a cellphone in hand by officers at the intersection of Maloney boulevard and rue de l'Alliance.  The driver received a second ticket worth $498 and five demerit points. The driver's licence was suspended for three days.