Ottawa drivers woke up to another hike at the gas pumps Wednesday morning. The average price for a litre of regular fuel is now $1.35.

Morning commuters across the country faced similar increases at the pumps. Gas shot up in price about 2.5 cents per litre over Tuesday's prices. And prices on Tuesday were up 6.5 cents per litre over Monday's average.

One year ago the average price in Ottawa was $0.95 per litre. – 40 cents lower than Wednesday's prices.

Adam Sarumi is the CEO of Instant Lawns; he says businesses like his who depend on vehicles are faced with two options – take the hit or pass it on to the customer.

And even though businesses can claim the expense when it comes time to do taxes, it's tough on small companies and individuals like real estate agents who pay out of pocket until then.

"No it is not a welcome change," says realtor Tony McDermott. "Especially with them talking about the prices possibly going up to a $1.50 … by mid-summer it's going to hurt."

In order to spare themselves the pain at the pumps, drivers all over the world are taking action and it's no different in Ottawa. Local dealerships say people are down-sizing to more fuel-efficient cars.

"The majority of our trade-ins are all SUVs, vans, things that are a little more expensive to drive verses going for compact cars -- sub-compact SUVS," says Lee St-Hilaire of Donnelly Kia Kanata.

However some of these cars are expensive and not an option for everyone.

Jay Gulzar considers himself the average consumer and doesn't think he should have to go out and buy a new car. Gulzar says gas prices should be regulated by the government.

"The gas price should not go that high," says Gulzar. "The government should look into it."

Ontario's Finance Minister Dwight Duncan says it is a federal responsibility.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes