Garth Brooks took time from his busy schedule Saturday to attend a youth sports camp in Ottawa.

Brooks runs a foundation called ‘The Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation’ where he has teamed up with ProCamps and NHL players to provide free sports camps for kids.

“We’re all teammates, part of something bigger than just ourselves and I think that’s the coolest part of all of this and when you see this all working in harmony, I think that is love,” said the country musician.

Former NHL player Darroll Power, Ottawa Senator Chris Philips and former Senator Shean Donovan were all coaches at the event.

As part of Brooks’ World Tour, there will be a "Teammates ProCamp" during each tour stop.  

Brooks said the point of the camp is to teach leadership skills to youth and provide them with lasting memories.

It was a day 10-year-old Austin Bain said he would never forget - as he showed off the award he won for good sportsmanship.

“The thing that shocked me the most was I was looking at my hockey cards with my friends and he said ‘this award goes to Austin Bain’ and I was like yay,” Bain said.

The day was just as touching for parents who had no idea Brooks was coming to the event.

“When someone can take time out of their busy schedule, I mean he has four concerts in three days and he makes time for the kids, it’s beautiful,” said one mother, Coralee Valois.

Brooks said his stop in Ottawa marks his 39th camp so far this tour.