OTTAWA -- A G2 driver out for a spin in dad's car will have to explain why the vehicle has been impounded for seven days by police.

The Ottawa Police Traffic Service Unit says the young driver was spotted travelling 149 km/h on Woodroffe Avenue Friday night.  The speed limit is 80 km/h.

In Ottawa's east end, a G2 driver was stopped for speeding on Tenth Line Road.

Police say the driver was observed going 111 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

"No front plate and an illegal exhaust."

Ottawa police are conducting Project NoiseMaker in May, a traffic safety initiative aimed at reducing speeding, stunt driving and excessive noise on city streets.

On Friday, a G2 driver was stopped speeding 54 km/h over the speed limit on the Airport Parkway. Police said the driver was spotted by officers going 124 km/h in a 70 km/h zone.

Officers issued 56 tickets for traffic violations in a 24-hour period, including 43 for speeding and three for improper mufflers. Officers intercepted six stunt drivers and an impaired driver.