OTTAWA -- A G1 driver received a lesson on the rules of the road from an Ottawa police officer in the east end on Wednesday morning.

In a message on Twitter, Ottawa police Sgt. Craig Roberts said an unaccompanied G1 driver was clocked going 117 kilometres an hour along Mer Bleue Road.

"A less-than-impressive start to this young road user's 2021 and completely unacceptable behaviour on our city streets," said Roberts.

The speed limit along Mer Bleue Road is 60 kilometres an hour.

The driver is facing a charge of stunt driving, which includes a seven-day licence suspension and the vehicle is impounded for a week.

According to the Ontario government's website, a G1 driver must drive with a fully licenced driver who has at least four years of driving experience.

In most cases, you practice with your G1 licence for 12 months after taking the G1 road test to get a G2 licence.