OTTAWA -- Employees of an Ottawa consignment fashion shop are turning to the community for support, as the 25-year-old business is at risk of shutting down by the end of the month.

My Sister’s Closet has been selling affordable fashion for women and children, as well as toys, games and home decor since 1996. 

The philosophy of the family-run business has always been to promote a culture of sustainability and to support the community of Kanata, where the shop resides.

But the pandemic has proved to be a considerable challenge and My Sister’s Closet is set to close on May 25, just weeks before marking a quarter-century of serving customers. 

For Marley Schultz, who’s been working at the store for nearly four years, there is still hope to keep the store open and is turning to the community for support.

"It’s pretty heartbreaking," says Schultz. "We tried real, real hard to keep going and pushing through it but the third lockdown did unfortunately prove to be too much."

To help save the store, Schultz has created a GoFundMe page, hoping to garner support from the community they have served for so long.

The shop is not only consignment, on occasion, new jewelry, purses and fashion accessories are shipped in to add to the diversity of the shopping experience.

Schultz says that as part of the store's campaign to keep going, there will be a virtual shopping event on May 8.

“We’re going to do a Zoom at 1 p.m. with Lunch with the Ladies and we’re going to take you around the store and enjoy some wine and cheese as well so it’s going to be a real fun thing," says Schultz, adding the event is gaining traction. "It’s unbelievable to see the support from our friends and family and amazing customers."

Staff will host the event to provide a virtual tour of the store to showcase the inventory that can be purchased for curbside pickup.