OTTAWA - A historic lighthouse near Brockville, Ont. struck by lightning and destroyed two summers ago will be replaced.

The Five Mile Light was a fixture on the St. Lawrence Seaway for 162 years before a lightning storm set it ablaze in July 2018.

It was known locally as the Five Mile Light, because it sits exactly five miles offshore from the City of Brockville.

$211,000 in funding is in place to rebuild the light and to maintain it in the future.

The Elizabethtown-Kitley Township Council approved a recommendation from the Five Mile Light Rebuild Committee to award the construction project to Kehoe Marine Construction.

"It's been a real team effort to get to this point and it is our fervent hope that we will be able to celebrate the new Five Mile Light prior to the 2nd anniversary of the 162-year-old original's loss," said Rebuild Committee Chair Bob Runciman.

Work on the foundation begins in a few weeks before the River freezes up. The structure is expected to be built and installed by the summer 2020.