OTTAWA -- She’s an indoor cat that went on quite the adventure.

Penny, a two-year-old white and dark brown tabby with a birth mark on her nose, went missing on January 5th after she darted out the door of her Barrhaven home.

Her owner, Slavica Popovic, says what really happened is anyone’s guess but it appears Penny somehow hitched a ride to the Amazon fulfillment centre on Boundary Road.

“We really have no idea how she got that far,” Popovic says.

It was there, she says, that a man named Shawn heard Penny’s cries from under the hood of a car.

Popovic says he brought a can of cat food to try and coax the feline out from the engine area of the vehicle.

Shawn then brought Penny, who is microchipped, back to his home and took care of her until her owner was contacted.

The reunion happened Thursday night.

"It felt like this is a miracle after so much time," Popovic says.

“Thank you for all involved people who helped us [find] Penny, especially Shawn who is our HERO, also Linda and Nancy, who helped us a lot with knowledge and support,” Popovic added in a Facebook post.