OTTAWA -- Yet another frosty day greets us in Ottawa as a stubborn cold snap continues to freeze the nation's capital.

Sunday morning begins with frigid wind chills around minus 24, but the forecast includes bright sunshine through the day with an eventual high of minus 5 C and a wind chill of minus 9.

The typical high for this time of the year is just below 0 C.

The cold is in no hurry to leave (it's cold out, after all) so expect a low of minus 19 C overnight into Monday morning—about 10 degrees colder than normal for a nighttime low in early March. Monday wakes to a wind chill of minus 23.

Clouds are forecast to gradually move in Monday, bringing a 40 per cent chance of flurries as the weather's trembling hand reaches toward a relatively milder high of minus 2 C.

Then, Tuesday, the sun finds its power and brings forth a high of 7 C, casting a warm spell of above-average temperatures for the remainder of the week, though Wednesday and Thursday could come with rain.