Throughout the day Monday friends of 17-year-old Lisa Roesler laid down flowers and hats at a memorial to honour her life.

The Arnprior teen died Sunday morning when her car struck a tree after dropping friends off at home in rural west Ottawa.

"Looks like the car was northbound on Dunrobin Road and for an unknown reason went out of control, went sideways into the bush and hit a tree," said Insp. John McGetrick of the Ottawa police, who are investigating the crash.

Roesler was pronounced dead at the scene.

Friends describe her as “the best person you could ever know.”

“She had an amazing smile – everybody she talked to, she just brought out the best in people, she really did,” said Brandon Normoyle.

Friends say the last people to see her were the two boys she drove home after her dad’s 50th birthday party around 5 a.m. Sunday.

An area resident was out for a walk when they spotted her car more than four hours later around 9:30.

Her death has devastated the tight-knit rural community. Friends say everyone knew the teen who was set to enter grade 12 this fall.

Roesler worked as a hostess at East Side Mario’s in Arnprior. Coworkers say her name is still on the schedule to work Monday and serves as a painful reminder of her absence.