DACRE, ONT. -- Getting some free sushi is a way to boost morale at the end of a rough year.

A woman in Dacre, Ont., near the town of Renfrew, is offering free homemade sushi with delivery to those in her community to do just that.

“I love to make sushi for people who need a little love,” says Tomoko Hamilton, who moved to Canada from Japan 10 years ago. “I started doing it for local people just because it’s my culture to help out. It’s been a really tough year for everybody.”

Hamilton estimates that she has filled about 20 to 25 orders since her post went up on Facebook last week. To keep things simple and under control, she makes her version of a California role, consisting of crab, shrimp tempura, cucumber, and peppers.

She says there are no sushi restaurants in the Renfrew or Arnprior area. 

“I see sushi only from the grocery stores, so I thought it would be a great idea to have something fresh, because I make it fresh just before I deliver.” 

Hamilton is also including personalized Christmas cards with her deliveries, keeping in the holiday spirit.

Before heading off to work Tuesday at PJ’s Restaurant in Arnprior, where Hamilton works as a cook, she made a delivery to an office in Eganville.

“What a nice gesture,” said Sue Stevens, who ordered sushi for her coworker's birthday. “Just to help everybody get through 2020, how nice of her.”

Stevens was surprised by the gesture, offering to pay for the service. 

“I didn’t even realize it was free. I asked to buy some and she said no, no, no. She’s doing it out of the goodness of her heart, it’s so lovely.”

“I love to see their smiles,” says Hamilton. “Especially after they try it, they message me to tell me they loved it and that makes my day. It’s so special.”