Ottawa Fire say four of the six units of a row home complex in Orleans were completely destroyed during a massive fire Saturday.

Crews were called to the blaze on Melette Crescent near Scala Ave. around 4p.m. and declared a two-alarm fire.

Fire officials say it appears the fire started in the backyard of one of the units and spread to several others.

“Upon arrival crews were able to find the back of the buildings here, there are six units in a row, they found a lot of fire in the back of the second unit,” said Assit. Dep. Chief John Gillissie.

Crews said four of the units have fire damage and are unlivable while two others have water damage. In total at least 20 people were displaced because of the fire.  

Several home owners returned to their homes on Sunday morning to see the extreme damage done to their properties.

One homeowner, Sen Rasaratnam, said he heard a loud noise on Saturday and escaped with his wife, daughter and two-week-old son before the flames engulfed his home.

“I still hear that noise and know that smell, and it’s very difficult to come back to that memory,” said Rasaratnam, who lives in the third unit.

A seventh home located behind the row home complex was damaged but is livable

One person suffered smoke inhalation.

The investigation is ongoing.