OTTAWA -- Ottawa Public Health is reporting seven new COVID-19 cases in the city, along with four new deaths.

In the latest epidemiology report, published Tuesday, OPH said there have been 1,969 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa since the first case was detected March 11.


Ottawa Public Health continues to say the actual number of infections in Ottawa could be between 5 and 30 times higher than the number of lab-confirmed cases.

The median age of people affected by cases of COVID-19 is 56 years, with the youngest being a four-month-old, and the oldest being in a person who was 105.

248 people in Ottawa have died from the disease.

The median age for deaths in Ottawa is 87. The youngest person in the city to die of COVID-19 was 39 years old, and was one of eight people under the age of 60 to lose their life to the virus. The oldest person was 105.

The current rate of resolved cases is at 82 per cent. In total, 1,620 cases have been declared resolved.

That puts the current active case count of laboratory-confirmed infections in the capital at 101. Of those, 39 people are in hospital.

According to the latest COVID-19 dashboard from Ottawa Public Health, there were fewer than 500 tests performed in Ottawa on Monday.

18 institutional outbreaks

Ottawa Public Health says outbreaks continue at 18 health-care institutions in the city, including at eight long-term care homes, six retirement homes, three hospital wings, and one shelter.

Long-term care home residents account for 210 deaths in the city. Ten people have died in retirement homes and four people have died in acute hospital settings. In addition, three health-care workers at long-term care homes have died due to COVID-19, though one of them was a resident of Gatineau and is not counted in Ottawa Public Health's daily reports.