OTTAWA -- Ottawa Public Health is reporting four new cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa, the lowest number in more than two weeks.

This marks an end to a 16-day streak of double-digit increases in the total case count.


According to the OPH COVID-19 dashboard, there have been 2,559 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city since the first case was confirmed March 11. All figures on the OPH dashboard are from 2 p.m. the day before they were reported. 

The OPH dashboard shows a steady decline in the seven-day average for cases over the past two weeks. It peaked at 21.75 on July 22, and has since fallen to 7.25.

No new deaths were reported in Ottawa for a sixth straight day, leaving the death toll from the virus at 264 residents. A single death was reported in July.

There are 12 people in hospital with COVID-19 complications, with two in intensive care.

Two people left the ICU in the last 48 hours, including a teenager. The individual remains in hospital.

Testing figures for the past 48 hours were not available Monday.

Active Cases

The number of known active cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa has fallen for a third straight day, driven by another large increase in resolved cases.

OPH says there are 212 active cases of the disease in Ottawa, down 21 from Sunday's report. Over the course of the increases in July, the number of active cases reached a high of 271. The number of active cases is the number of total cases minus the numbers of resolved cases and deaths.

There were 25 new cases listed as resolved in Monday's update. OPH says 2,083 cases, or 81 per cent of all known cases to date are listed as resolved.

Ottawa Public Health continues to say the number of actual infections could be five to 30 times greater than the number of laboratory-confirmed infections.

A case is considered "resolved" 14 days after known symptom onset or positive test result.

Cases by Age

No new cases were reported in anyone 60 or older in Ottawa Monday.

Here is a breakdown of all cases by age in Ottawa so far. (NOTE: One case, previously listed as "unknown" has been added to this list. The unknown case was first added in the update on Aug. 1)

  • 0-9 years old: No new cases (73 cases total, 25 active)
  • 10-19 years-old: One new case (139 cases total, 39 active)
  • 20-29 years-old: One new cases (404 cases total, 56 active)
  • 30-39 years-old: Two new cases (336 cases total, 31 active)
  • 40-49 years-old: No new cases (334 cases total, 21 active)
  • 50-59 years-old: One new case (346 cases total, 17 active)
  • 60-69-years-old: No new cases (260 cases total, 15 active)
  • 70-79 years-old: No new cases (191 cases total, 3 active)
  • 80-89 years-old: No new cases (278 cases total, 4 active)
  • 90+ years: No new cases (198 cases total, 1 active)

Institutional Outbreaks

There are 13 active institutional outbreaks in Ottawa.

No new outbreaks were added or removed in Monday's report. There are outbreaks at six childcare centres, four retirement homes and three long-term care homes.

One case was recently reported at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, but since the inmate who tested positive is believed to have contracted the virus before being admitted, OPH did not declare a facility-wide outbreak.

A single laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 in a resident or staff member of a long-term care home or retirement home triggers an outbreak response, according to Ottawa Public Health. In childcare settings, a single confirmed, symptomatic case in a staff member, home daycare provider, or child triggers an outbreak.

Click here for the latest figures on all institutional outbreaks in Ottawa.