OTTAWA -- Four children suffered injuries ranging from minor to serious after falling out open windows at Ottawa homes and apartments over the past two months.

Since April 12, Ottawa Police responded to four separate incidents where a child has fallen from an open window and suffered an injury. The children were between the ages of 23-months and seven-years-old.

Police tell CTV News Ottawa the heights of the falls varied at houses and apartments across Ottawa. The injuries ranged from minor to serious.

Now, police are reminding residents to secure windows in their homes to help prevent incidents this summer.

In a statement, police say the combination of "hot weather and the pandemic has created a stronger likelihood that children are home and indoors. In homes without air conditioning there is a greater safety risk of children falling out of windows."

Police offer safety tips for securing access to your windows

  • Lock your window closed at all times when you cannot supervise a small child around the falling hazard
  • Install window guards
  • Put up window stoppers
  • Move furniture away from windows
  • Remove the cranks from crank-open windows to keep kids from opening them.