A former exotic dancer testified today that her business and romantic relationship soured quickly with the man accused of killing her best friend.  24-year-old Carson Morin is on trial for the stabbing death of Michael Wassill nearly four years ago. The 24-year-old woman, whose identity is protected under a court order, lived with the accused and testified to the controlling nature of her relationship with Morin and his idea to help her recruit other girls to strip.

The woman started dancing at the Nu Den strip club on St Laurent Boulevard the same day she says Carson Morin brought her there to apply for the job. She had quit her minimum wage job and moved in with Morin in April of 2013, paying half the condo rent and expenses through her dance money.

“…making $400 to $800 a shift,” she told court, giving men private dances in a back room.

Morin's plan, she explained, was to recruit other girls to…

“…help with the rent. I would teach them and be his main girl,” she said.

She explained how Morin had set up a strip pole in the spare bedroom of his condo and mirrors, too, where she could practice.

The young woman told court that Morin controlled everything; her money, her friends, but that their relationship quickly soured for her when her girlfriend honed in on Morin.

"I'm not your man, Morin texted her.  "You want a business relationship right?  So shut up and make money".

Morin is charged with the first degree murder of 20-year-old Michael Wassill who this woman described as her best friend.  He was killed May 13, 2015 when his throat was slit inside his Orléans home.

The Crown plans to prove that Morin was furious that the woman wanted out of their business relationship and that he used surgical gloves and a box cutter when he murdered Michael Wassill.

In a series of text messages between Wassill and the girl days before the murder, she tells Wassill

“I want to leave. I want my old life back.”

Wassill replies “Don't worry. Everything will be OK.”

Five days later, Wassill is murdered.

Then the first emotion we've seen in a long day of testimony when we hear text messages from Wassill  telling her that she's a good person and that he loves her as a friend.  Court adjourned when she broke down in tears.